Infrabel is the first in the world!

Infrabel is the first to make the sleepers of its rail network “green”. Gradually, the cement, which sleepers are traditionally made from, will be replaced by new sleepers made from sulphur concrete.

Infrabel will also reduce its ecological footprint. It was therefore important for the infrastructure manager to consider, in addition to price, which product offers the greatest benefits for the planet.

The green sleepers will be produced for 8 years, at a rate of 25,000 pieces per year. With this project, we will reduce 6000 tons of CO2!

On March 6th 2021 the first ‘green’ sleepers were installed in the railway track in attendance of the CEO of Infrabel Benoït Gilson and the Minister of mobility Georges Gilkinet. De national press was present.

Video of the press event::