Sewer elements

A tube type that is extremely suitable for waste water sewers. Furthermore, it has the reliability of a classic concrete pipe with minimum strength class of 160. The standard working length is 2.5 metres and easy to install thanks to the combination of very smooth spigot ends and a high-quality joint sealing system. This consists of an impact-resistant double polypropylene socket and 2 certified EPDM sliding seals.  House connections can easily be realised through simple drilling in the Thio Tube.

The Thio Tube products and their mutual connections comply with the test set-up according to NBN EN 1916 at 1 bar water pressure. The tube connection allows a high degree of angular rotation.  By providing the double socket with a transverse force stopper, the pipe connection also remains watertight in a longer term.

The Thio Tube pipes are fully compatible with our “IDEAL” access and junction chambers, which are of course Benor certified according to NBN B21-101 and PTV 101.

An acid-resistant inspection chamber was developed in sulphur concrete similar to the classic concrete inspection chamber. The inspection chamber is robust and consists of a basic element with shaft elements and a cover plate. All this in a smooth casted finish (wet-cast) consisting of sulphur concrete, which ensures the high quality properties regarding to DWF (Dry Weather Flow) sewerage for the entire element. This inspection chamber complies with PTV 823 – 1.

The industrial production of this type of product is currently still under development.