Resistance against erosion

During  experimentation, the performance of Thio Material was tested in multiple ways. The  wearing resistance, tested in accordance with the wide wheel abrasion test (Capon), shows the same performance  when compared to cement concrete. Furthermore, big plates – ‘Ecopanels’ – were fixed on the pier of IJmuiden, where they were exposed to the mechanical pressure of the waves in an alkaline environment: waves, wind and weather, accounting for wet and dry circumstances. The durability of the panels was tested, comparing the performance of the material (compressive, flexural strength and porosity) with the unexposed product, which was kept in the laboratory.  After three years of exposure almost no decrease  in performance could be established. The surface showed no defects such as cracks, peelings or pop-outs. Also in this respect the material appeared to be very resistant against heavy mechanical forces by the sea.

  • Research centre: SGS Intron (NL)
  • Tested in accordance with: NEN EN 1338 (Capon); comparative study after test at IJmuiden