Acid proof (to pH 0)

The resistance of sulphur concrete against biogenic sulphide corrosion was tested in accordance with the TAP-test (University of Ghent – Laboratory Magnel – Prof. Dr. Ir. N. De Belie). During this test, part of a disk is immersed and turned round in a bath of an aggressive medium, for instance lactic acid, without interruption for  six weeks. The test piece is brushed regularly, simulating a mechanical load and removing the reaction material in order to expose the unaffected material to the aggressive medium again. The result of this is an image of  accelerated corrosion. These TAP-tests are references concerning the testing of cements’  resistance to biogenic sulphide corrosion. Sulphur concrete are tested in the following acids: lactic acid, acetic acid and finally sulphuric acid. None of these exposures showed any corrosion.

  • Tested in accordance with: TAP-tests by Prof. Dr. Ir. Nele De Belie