Sulphur concrete

Designed for the future!

Group De Bonte’s continuous search for innovative solutions led to the development of a revolutionary type of concrete, known as sulphur concrete. In this concrete, cement and water have been exchanged for sulphur as a binding agent.

 The properties of this material are stunning: it is acid-resistant and it combines the robustness of concrete with a very low environmental impact and perfect circularity. After all, it can be infinitely, low-energy melted and reused, with extremely low CO2 emissions.

 The applications in sulphur concrete help you to contribute to the ecological transitions which are resolutely upon us.

Circular product!

Circular product!

The production of sulphur concrete involves a physical process of melting and solidification that can be repeated infinitely. This makes sulphur concrete 100% circular and it can endlessly be reused in an identical application. We also ensure 100% circularity by using only primary and high-quality raw materials.

An elaborate recycling experiment was carried out for our railway sleeper. Watch the clip here !