Exclusivity contract for De Bonte!


Sulphur concrete technology has existed since the 70s and is based on the polymerization of sulphur as a binder for concrete granules, and this as a substitute for traditional cement. This polymerization required a two-step production process, making it more expensive than traditional concrete based on Portland cement. In 2004, Shell developed a new technique for the production of durable sulphur concrete in one single step through the use of a modifier. This was branded under the product name Shell Thiocrete™. Shell has patented these developments and further researched the production process intensively for 10 years through collaboration with SGS Intron and Eindhoven University of Technology. Shell has invested significant R & D budget during the course of the last decade on Sulphur fundamentals, trial production and sustainability research. In 2011, De Bonte partnered with Shell to develop sulphur concrete end-user products;